May 2, 2018

For many years, PETG has been the “go-to” of material for medical packaging for its clarity and sterilizing capabilities. However, with the ever-growing concern for recyclability and the new California Legislation AB 906 changing the recycling classification of PETG, consumers are starting to look for alternate materials to produce their packaging. Polypropylene has emerged as a great alternative material. And at TEQ, we offer our unique blend of polypropylene as a packaging solution. TEQpropylene (TEQp for short) is comparable to PETG in many ways. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should switch to TEQp for your next packaging project.  

  1. Cost Savings – Compared to PETG, TEQp has a 30% cost savings, making it a much more cost-effective material to use for most projects.
  2. Light Weight – TEQp is the lightest weight our of all the polymers, resulting in a lighter, thinner but stronger finished package.
  3. Versatile Temperature range – TEQp can be put through a microwave, freezer, and anything in between without compromising the quality of the package.
  4. Elasticity and Toughness – According to Creative Mechanisms, “Polypropylene will act with elasticity over a certain range of deflection (like all materials), but it will also experience plastic deformation early on in the deformation process, so it is generally considered a "tough" material. Toughness is an engineering term which is defined as a material's ability to deform (plastically, not elastically) without breaking.” In other words, it can get knocked around and it won’t crack!
  5. Clarity – TEQp has a clarifying additive that makes this material comparable to PETG. So, you can take advantage of all the great qualities of PP without having to compromise on the clarity!
  6. Sterilizable – Studies show that polypropylene can be sterilized with EtO, EBeam, Gamma (with additives to stabilize the material), and some autoclave, making polypropylene a great material for medical packaging. For a closer look at what materials stand up  to different sterilizing methods, check out this Industrial Specialties Mfg. & IS MED Specialties article.
  7. Sealable – TEQp can become a complete sterile barrier system package when you seal a Tyvekä or coated paper lid to it. You won’t be compromising any sterility by switching materials.
  8. Popular – Polypropylene continues to rise in popularity. Research has shown that people are buying more and more polypropylene for their packaging products because of its functional, durable, and clear properties. You could even say it’s trending.   
  9. Sustainable – Not only does TEQp produce lower fuel consumption and lower emissions, but it also results in less solid waste by weight than PET, PS, or PVC. Even Starbucks and McDonald's have switched to polypropylene cold cups rather than PET, using less plastic and lowering their greenhouse gas emissions.
  10. Recyclable – TEQp can be 100% recycled per FTC guidelines.

What about you? Have you thought about alternative materials to PETG? 

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