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Together with our partners, we create customized, turnkey solutions for our clients, no matter what the challenge may be.

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Medical & Pharma Packaging

Experts in both medical device manufacturing and pharmaceutical and sterile medical packaging, TEQ has what it takes to consistently meet the unique demands of this industry.


Consumer Packaging

With today’s crowded retail shelves, your product’s packaging needs to jump out for consumers to take notice. That's where we come in.



At TEQ, we are dedicated to quality, which means we’ll do anything we need to ensure the safe and efficient manufacturing of any thermorformed part you need. 


Fiber Molded Packaging

We can help you find a sustainable packaging solution with our custom designed molded fiber packaging with a paper smooth surface made from natural sustainable fiber.

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Case Studies

Featured Case Study

Ear Thermometer Covers

TEQ quickly develops action plan to get new facility operational in a short timeline
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Featured Case Study

Thoratec Sterile Packaging

TEQ delivers award winning sterile packaging solution for Thoratec.
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Featured Case Study

Medical Safety Device Manufacturer

TEQ helps streamline production.
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