January 16, 2024

When looking for packaging, a lot of medical device companies strive to keep costs down while effectively protecting their device. And while die cut backer cards may seem like a feasible replacement for a thermoformed tray, there are a few reasons why it’s not as an effective alternative as some may think.  Here are 6 reasons why TEQ’s thermoformed trays can compete with die cut backer cards.

  1. Protection: One of the biggest advantages that thermoformed trays have when packaging a medical device is the protective nature of the tray. A medical device is snapped into a tray, preventing the device from being jostled or damaged in transit.  
  2. Handling Assurance: To maintain the utmost sterility of the packaged medical device, it is imperative that the package design effectively restricts movement of the device which could potentially compromise the integrity of the sterile barrier. Our customer feedback indicates a preference for the secure positioning provided by snap-in tray designs over die-cut card solutions, particularly for their effectiveness in presenting the device in a sterile environment.
  3. Product Orientation: Thermoformed trays enhance the safety of medical devices by ensuring a uniform product orientation, preventing premature extraction and maintaining device integrity until the moment of intended use. For example, TEQ worked with a customer to design a new packaging process that put an end to rejections for quality by creating a 19-cavity tray that security held medical devices and prevented unwanted premature deployment. Due to the strategic auto-loading process and the careful arrangement of the devices in the custom tray, TEQ helped the customer experience a remarkable decline in quality rejections, approaching virtually zero incidents.
  4. Assembly: While die cut backer cards may seem like the easier assembly option, TEQ has proven that isn’t the case. Multiple customers have come to TEQ seeking help with packaging redesign because the card backers are too difficult to load, creating longer assembly time. With a thermoform tray, you simply snap a medical device in place and move onto the next package. A thermoform tray also reduces repetitive strain injuries that could occur in the workplace. Improper loading techniques and repetitive motions can cause gradual buildup of damage to muscle and ligaments.  
  5. Material: TEQ is a highly skilled thermoformer of multiple medical-grade materials, including the latest renewable, sustainable, biodegradable and recycled plastics. Using the right material offers many benefits such as better seals, increased protection and improved usability. Your sales manager will be able to offer the best options for your specific project.
  6. Price: When it comes to tooling, card backers do have less expensive tooling costs. But when it comes to right-sizing and protection, only a custom-made thermoform tray can adequately protect your product from manufacture to operating floor arena.

Thermoform trays stand out as the optimal packaging solution for your medical devices, offering unparalleled protection against damage and maintaining sterility with remarkable efficacy. Reach out to Sonoco TEQ today to continue the conversation!