March 2, 2020

Think back on some classic fairy tales you were told as a child. One that comes to mind for me is “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”. I recently discovered though that the fairy tale was originally titled “The Story of the Three Bears” and actually has three different versions to the tale. But the one known by most children (also the least frightening version of the tale) can be attributed to Robert Southey, in which Goldilocks is introduced. The unique part of this story compared to the others is her search for something “just right”. And from the temperature of the porridge to the firmness of the bears’ mattresses, she does find what is “just right” for her.  

Steris has taken a page from the famous tale and announced a new, sustainable EO sterilization process. Steris found a way to optimize the sterilant input to provide the amount that is “just right” for the application. Steris’ new services “provides customers with strategies to reduce the EO sterilant used in the sterilization process to achieve the prescribed Sterility Assurance Level” (Steris AST). Lower residuals of the sterilant have improved occupational safety and improved supply chain efficiencies.  

The TEQ team wanted to recognize such a great new advancement for the industry and congratulate the Steris team in creating such an innovative solution. We’re proud to partner with such a sustainable-minded group.  

At TEQ, we take the approach to our custom thermoforming process. Everything we do is intended to be just right to meet our customers’ requirements. We can provide customers with numerous solutions to get their perfect package such as: 

  • Unique and original design that caters to the need of the device in the package
  • Snap fixtures in a tray to get just the right removal force
  • Optimized tray thicknesses to get the right balance between tray performance and cost.
  • Sustainable material alternatives
  • Proven improvements in occupational safety and supply chain efficiencies
  • And many more

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