December 10, 2018

Think about the last time you went to your favorite restaurant. Does it matter to you to know where things you eat come from? For a lot of people, it does. And that’s exactly what Alice Walker had in mind when she opened Chez Pannise in Berkley, California. She embraced the fact that people want to know where their food is being sourced from. And, according to an article written by Lorri Mealey in Small Business Online, “Today, restaurants are going beyond just buying fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms; now they are purchasing local beef, seafood, and even beer and wine." 

TEQ applies that same philosophy to our business. We can not only provide the necessary information about the material we use, but TEQ can be "local" in several different places.

When it comes to developing a new project, it’s important to work with a company with a similar industry background and who understands what landmarks need to be hit according to the industry’s quality standards. And at TEQ, our customers are always confident in knowing we have traceability to know exactly where the material for the project came from, what the resin of the material is made of, and the quality of the facility where the project being produced. 

TEQ can also be a local source in more places than just the US. We pride ourselves in the ability to understand customer requests and work to develop their product or project locally with our three facilities in the Midwest. And the same can be said for our manufacturing locations in the UK and Poland as well. We will work diligently to make sure a customer’s project is executed expertly and in the location that makes the most sense for them. 

For example, a recent customer headquartered in New Jersey explained that they needed to have packaging produced and shipped in Europe. They thought they would work with our team in the UK to develop everything. But when they found out we have tool building capabilities in the US, they were ecstatic. They were able to work with salespeople and designers in the US to start on developing the project before moving it over into Europe. 

Because we have multi-national manufacturing capabilities, we believe we can serve our customers better than other thermoforming companies. Here are four areas we think make the biggest difference in how we work with our customers. 

  1. Currency – It’s important to be able to work with a company that can deal in multiple currencies. At TEQ, we have experience working in multiple currencies, so a customer can be rest assured we can handle the project, no matter what part of the world they are in. 
  2. Time Zone – Trying to schedule meetings and appointments can be difficult when you’re in the same time zone as someone. But scheduling across time zones? It might sound impossible. But not for TEQ. We have offices in many different time zones around the world so connecting you with someone in your time zone won’t be difficult at all.
  3. Language – We all know a language barrier can be a difficult obstacle to overcome when trying to conduct business with someone. That’s why TEQ will always fully prepared with our multi-lingual staff to better communicate your needs.
  4. Business Practice – It’s important to understand the business practices and regulations that a region of the world works under. But with multiple manufacturing locations around the world, TEQ is equipped with the knowledge of the region our manufacturing locations are in so our customers can be confident they’re in the right hands.

With the ability to develop locally and produce globally, our customers can be confident they will get the same standard of production in the US, the UK or in Poland. Whether you’re in New Jersey, London, or even Warsaw, Poland, TEQ is here to help you be successful multi-nationally. 

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