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At TEQ, we couple the best people with the most advanced technology to bring any idea to life. When creativity meets engineering, and when a team of experts on thermoforming medical devices guides that combination, the results are second to none. 

We offer concept-to-completion solutions, taking projects from material evaluation to design and engineering to product assembly and fulfillment. Our state-of-the-art design, prototyping technologies, in-house tooling, and the latest machinery are all utilized to ensure the result meets our clients’ expectations, and then some, every time. 

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KAZ Braun Thermoscan Probe Covers.

TEQ Specialty Product Solutions

  • Ear Thermometer Covers

    Ear Thermometer Covers

    See how we quickly developed a plan for a global leader in healthcare devices who purchased an ear thermometer cover business.

    KAZ Braun Thermoscan Probe Cover
  • Light Handle Covers

    Light Handle Covers

    These flexible, disposable light handle covers were created for sterile medical and surgical applications.

    Generic green light handle cover.
  • Custom Vivarium

    Custom Vivarium

    When challenged to create a cage for laboratory use that would have deep dimensions and no imperfections for rodents to latch onto, we provided a true concept-to-completion solution.

    Vivarium cage.

Injection Molding

In addition to our decades of thermoforming expertise, we can create custom injection molded components and devices such as dosage cups, extruded plastic cores and surgical grade components.

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Develop locally; produce globally

At TEQ, our customers are always confident in knowing we have traceability to know exactly where the material for the project came from, what the resin of the material is made of, and the quality of the facility where the project being produced. And because we have multi-national manufacturing capabilities, we can provide the same standard of production in the US, the UK or in Poland.

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Woman working in a medical packaging plant.

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